Monday, January 20, 2014

OSG Prem: Yep, Zoopla Is Done With West Brom

((HT: Sky Sports))

And this news comes hours before their Monday night match-up against Everton...

Against West Ham, Anelka celebrated by using a "quenelle" gesture- what is regarded as an inverted Nazi salute. Anelka responded by saying it was a tribute to French comedian Dieudonne, who has been arrested half-a-dozen times for hate speech against Jews.

Zoopla said, in a statement, that it had been "reviewing its position over the past few weeks in light of the actions of striker, Nicolas Anelka, during the match against West Ham over the Christmas period and has decided to focus its attention on other marketing activities after this season."

Zoopla is owned by Alex Chesterman, who is Jewish, and they had given West Brom their largest kit deal in history. The deal was set to end after this season. The firm just confirms it now and word is that any kit Anelka wears must not have the Zoopla logo on its front...

The game with Everton should be interesting...

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