Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OSG High: Stay Classy, Pittsford High... Students Chanting About Slurpees To Indian Student...???

((HT: USA Today through the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle/Prep Rally))

Cam Smith gave us a heads-up on this one, and it's pretty stupid...

In New York state, Brighton and Pittsford school district supervisors held a press conference to discuss the story that broke on Friday. There was talk that Pittsford kids from Sutherland High allegedly chanted "We want Slurpees" to a Brighton High basketball player who was of east Indian descent.
((HT: DavyV))

The student who initiated the chant was removed from the game is, apparently, the leader of the Pittsford's Super Fan section. And as a result, the fans have been removed from a local competition highlighting fans and fan bases...

The two districts issued a statement:

"We were very disappointed to learn of this incident. We have been working with our colleagues in both districts throughout the weekend to address intolerant and unacceptable fan behavior. That work continues today. The students involved took full responsibility for their behavior, and attempts are being made to right this wrong between the students and to address the long- term learning that can arise from the disappointing behaviors of a few."

Here's word from the joint presser...

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