Thursday, March 20, 2014

12 Beats 5: Harvard Downs Cincinnati

Geez, tough day for college basketball fans in the state of Ohio. Or at least part of it.

First overrated Ohio State loses to Dayton (yes, we know they're in Ohio too).

Then sloppy Cincinnati, seeded #5, loses to a scrappy and talented #12 Harvard team in the East region game in Spokane 61-57. (How's a game in Spokane an East game?)

Star guard Sean Kilpatrick vainly tried to keep the Bearcats in the game...and in the NCAA tournament, but his efforts were not nearly enough.

In the meantime, Tommy Amaker's bunch just continue to enhance their reputation as the best, most underrated smart school basketball team in America. They move on to the round of 32 to play the winner of the Michigan State vs. Delaware game later on Thursday.

If Amaker wasn't on Boston College's radar before the game, he really is now...
Here's the end of the game...
((HT: SnappyTV/NCAA March Madness))

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