Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gators And Seminoles Brawl, Jameis Winston Gets Involved

It's a fact of life in Florida, Gators and Seminoles don't get along.

Tuesday night in Jacksonville the top ranked Florida State Seminoles faced Florida in a college baseball game and the fireworks went off in the eighth inning.

FSU's D.J. Stewart collided with UF left-handed pitcher Danny Young hustling down the line.  Gator first baseman Zack Powers took exception shoving Stewart.

Then it was on.

What makes this more interesting is that Heisman Trophy winner and FSU closer Jameis Winston was involved in the brawl.

Florida ended up winning the game 4-1.

Florida State head coach Mike Martin who is known to deliver some great quotes had some good ones summing up this game for the Florida Times-Union.

There's no doubt that the testosterone and the adrenaline kicked in." Martin said. "Those men are very strong and very active.  The hands got a little quicker. The motivation rose. Just very proud of our baseball team, and the way that we fought. We certainly didn't back down from anything, and that makes every Seminole proud, because that's what we're about." 

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