Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bee Attack: Swarm Delays Red Sox-Yankees Game (video)

((ht: mlb.com))

Geez, anyone have some insect repellant? Number for the bug man? Or a beekeeper?

Tuesday afternoon's Red Sox/Yankees Spring Training game in Tampa was delayed during the third inning when a swarm of bees appeared in left field.

No really, this happened.

We don't think....this is a sign of the apocalypse, but it scared Red Sox left fielder Mike Carp, the Red Sox bullpen and the umpires enough that the grounds crew were forced to intervene.

Take a look at the closeups of the railing closest to the Red Sox bullpen, the bees are all over the gear.

Yankees 1st baseman Mark Texiera bravely offered up a couple of honey bottles from we are guessing the snack table in the Yankee clubhouse. But alas, the hearty grounds crew ran through the bullpen spraying what appeared to be bottles of Raid.

The game eventually restarted but not before tons of us got one heck of a good laugh:

Video from YES/MLB.com:

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