Monday, March 24, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Trial: Day 16- Reeva Scared Of Oscar

((HT: SABC Digital News))

Text messages were revealed in open court today that displayed a fear Reeva Steenkamp had of her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius. Police pulled more than 1,000 texts from her phone that, prosecutors think, give a history of his anger and feelings toward her when the two were not together.

A neighbor was also called to the stand to discuss the night of the Steenkamp death where "terrifying screams" were heard by Anette Stipp early in the morning of the model's death. Stipp's husband previously testified about the same things.

Here's the beginning of the day

The prosecution says they are wrapping up their case this week.
Judicial officials say the trial will continue until May 16, with a recess in April...

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