Wednesday, March 19, 2014

OSG Prem: Tim Sherwood Still Doesn't Like Jorge Jesus

((HT: Press Association))

Spurs caretaker manager Tim Sherwood still has no respect for Benfica manager Jorge Jesus and his histrionics in the Benfica 3-1 opening round match at White Hart Lane...

For those who don't remember...

Round 2 is a few days out and Sherwood was still on fire about it:

"I know exactly where he was coming from and I know what I saw.

"I have got no respect for the man. I've got respect for the football club and I've got respect for his players.

"The club is a huge club and we've had a lot of emails from Benfica fans apologising for their manager's behaviour. At the end of the day, I will shake his hand, because they are a giant of a club."

Tottenham has plenty of injuiries and worries for Sherwood, but Jesus thinks everything in the first leg is done and done...

Here's Jesus...

((How's that for a toss...???))

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