Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arizona Students Riot in Streets After Loss?

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Okay, maybe we are just old, but the whole thing about college students rioting and destroying things after a game makes no sense to us.

A pretty large group of University of Arizona students inexplicably hit the streets of Tuscon near campus and were met with a pretty large group of police officers there to disperse them. This on the heels of the Wildcats losing to Wisconsin in overtime for a shot at going to the Final Four.

Of course once on the streets of Tuscon, chaos ensued and fifteen or so students were arrested and a handful were injured as police launched pepper spray into the crowd.

If there's a reason that fans do things like this, we'd love to know. Though we supposed this isn't as silly/stupid as the whole couch burning thing that University of Kentucky students did Friday night after their win, which only got them to the Elite 8.

Why riot? Why destroy stuff? Because you can? Because it's a chance to burn off steam and vent? Once upon a time, back in the dark ages, we went to college and don't remember that being a prerequisite for the school's sports teams having success.

But then again, we're old.

Here's your TV story from KGUN-TV in Tuscon:

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