Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Could Be-Be Bring A Mistrial...? Not Yet...

((HT: KDVR-TV Fox31 Denver/PFT))

Former Georgia Tech and current Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius "Be-Be" Thomas testified in the rape trial of former Broncos teammate Perrish Cox- and his answers on the stand gave Cox's lead attorney the notion to ask for a mistrial.

According to Fox 31's Greg Nieto, through his Twitter feed,
the alleged victim in the case testified early this morning and went through her recollections of the night in question.

Thomas was then called to the stand and he "testifies tht cox said: "i think she's ready."

Thomas was dating the woman at the time that Cox allegedly took her to a bedroom in order to have sex with her.

So, then Thomas knew what Cox had on his mind...???
With a woman he was apparently dating...???


Here's the story from the time of opening arguments...

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