Saturday, February 25, 2012

OSG Buzzer Beater: Best Finish In College Basketball This Year

Perhaps the best finish in college basketball of the year happened at the Kellogg Gym in Pomona, California in a rivalry game between Cal State Dominguez Hills and Cal Poly Pomona.

Cal State Dominguez Hills' hit a three point shot with .6 seconds left to give the Toros a one point lead.

Then on the inbound Cal Poly Pomona's Mitchel Anderson did a catch and shoot from three quarters court and nailed it giving the Broncos an impropable win.

Here's the highlights with the game winner. (Thanks cppbroncos)

"I've seen games like this on TV but never been a part of one until now," Cal Poly Pomona head coach Greg Kamansky said after the game. "I'm happy for our seniors since this was their night."

Mitchel Anderson led the Broncos in scoring with 17 points.

That finish is going to be hard to top.

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