Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pick Your Own Caption---Urban Meyer, Pete Rose and Pete Rose Jr. sitting in a tree

Urban Meyer with Pete Rose and Pete Jr./Courtesy:

In today's version of pick your own caption...we give you this:

 1) Joker, Joker..and an Urban.
 2) Three of a kind
 3) Who are these guys?
 4) Know any good tattoo parlors?
 5) What do these 3 have in common? (Hint--think Truthiness)
 6) We are....the 3....Amigos!
 7) What are the odds?
 8) Curly, Larry and Moe? If so which is which?
 9) You know....we didn't actually "Pay" for our seats...
10) Yeah...Ohio State and Cincinnati Reds fans probably don't see the humor in this that we do....

Got any suggestions?

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