Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sandusky Verdict: Done but Penn St not out of the woods

Welcome to your new home Jerry
By now if you have a TV or listen to the radio, you know that former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of multiple crimes against children and will spend the rest of his...and several other lives incarcerated.

And many of you have seen "Summary" stories on your local newscast about it. And they had reaction from the community with people saying "I'm glad this is over" "We can move on now". It ain't over yet.

While Sandusky's part in all this is, Penn State's is only beginning to come to the forefront. One of the big reasons this happened was the school and many of the administrators reluctance to do anything about him when provided evidence of a problem.

And for the school, it could make things a whole lot worse.

It's already cost former President Graham Spanier his job and former coach Joe Paterno his. Former AD Tim Curley and former VP Gary Schultz are facing charges for not reporting potential abuse. And former FBI Director Louis Freeh is wrapping up a Board of Trustees investigation into how the school handled this.

If some of the evidence that came to light in Sandusky's case carries over, it could get ugly. Reports have already been broadcast that Spanier, Schultz and Curley along with others kept a file on Sandusky. And it included the Mike McQueary incident. According to the report Spanier and Schultz decided it wouldn't be "Humane" to subject Sandusky to an investigation at that time.

Which begs a "HUGE" question: "If they knew about this, how does he keep his access to the school and the school continue to support him and his charity?"

And yes, the NCAA is sniffing around the school too. The common refrain is they are going to look for "Lack of Institutional Control". Yes, we think the school should be punished...and punished hard for this, but ultimately, the NCAA will do nothing. This is a criminal investigation, something not really in their sphere of influence.

Oh...for good measure, there are more victims coming to light. Many of you asked about why Matt Sandusky's revalation at the end of the case wasn't part of the trial. The answer is simple: It didn't need to be.

And yes, investigators are talking to other victims. Really, the only question there is: Is there a need for another trial. The answer is: Probably not. 

So, to keep this relatively short dear reader; just know that there are many more layers left in this. There will be much to report and a lot to talk about. We will do our best to try to ask the questions and offer opinions those in the local media can't.

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