Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jerry Jones talks smack about NY Giants, NY Media's heads implode

((ht: espn.com))


Guess it really doesn't take much to move the center of the media universe (New York) off the Olympics and MLB Trade Deadline and on to football.

The reason they are freaking out: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told the masses assembled at his teams training camp that "Ya'll should come to that stadium and watch us beat the Giants' ass".

Oh my Goo-wad!

You'd think Jones said "Your mother smells of Eldeberry" or something.

Of course our friends at the 4-letter have joined the frenzy, aghast the Jones would ever utter such a thing.

Read the "jab" story from ESPN.com RIGHT HERE

The NY Daily News chimes in RIGHT HERE

Oh, that Jerry, he's so brash.

Okay...lighten up Frances!

So what.

He's allowed to talk smack. We don't care. Really. What! Is Big Pussy gonna come from New Jersey and "Ice" him or something?

So what? Dallas wants to knock off the Super Bowl champs. Who doesn't? Sure, we could care less about either of these two teams, the only reason we mention it is because we laughed more at the reaction then the comment.

So buckle up little buckaroo, when Dallas heads to New Jersey to play "Los Gigantes", the hype machine will be in "Full Force". You can bet money that will be the FOX National Game, if not all over NBC.

Just thought we'd share.

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