Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UCF gets NCAA Postseason Ban, sort of cries "Foul"

Woe is the University of Central Florida athletic department.

UCF found out their punishment from the NCAA today (Tues) and they were cited for "Lack of Institutional Control".

However, the penalty, which is perceived by many in Orlando as being "Too Harsh", is nothing major. A 1-year ban on post-season play for both the Football and Basketball teams. A $50K fine and 5-years probation.

Read our initial story on the allegations from November...RIGHT HERE

The Knights were already in trouble with the NCAA for impermissable phone contact with a recruit. Since they were on probation for that; they become "Repeat Offenders".

UCF already had imposed some penalties on themselves, putting the athletic department on probation for 3 years, eliminating a scholarship basketball slot and forfeiting games from 2008 thru the 2010-11 season in hoops. Oh...and football coach George O'Leary got a "Letter of Reprimand" in his personnel file.

The Orlando Sentinel says in a headline that the school plans to appeal. However, when you click on the link--you get the background story of what happened and no mention of the appeal.

You can read that story RIGHT HERE

According to a tweet by ESPN's Andy Katz, UCF is just whining (appealing) the bowl game ban, not the basketball stuff. Really guys? You aren't missing much there...just sayin'.

The investigation had centered on former Athletic Director Keith Tribble's relationship with a Chicago area "Mentor" to athletes, Ken Caldwell.

That relationship was supposed to steer several athletes down from Chicago to the wannabe NCAA power in Orlando. It wasn't successful.

We don't really pity UCF and quite honestly, they should be considering themselves fortunate this is the only penalty they are paying. Yeah, Caldwell swore up and down he wasn't affiliated with an agent and he was just trying to find a school for his kid and his friends to play at.

Again, it didn't work.

So, hopefully UCF moves on, tries to play a little closer to the rules and takes their penalty like a man. They aren't facing more than 1-season of not playing in a bowl game, Conference USA's basketball tourney and/or the NCAA Basketball Tourney.

Oh..we forgot to mention...the Knights head to the Big East after this season too.

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