Monday, March 10, 2014

The Nkemdiche Brothers File Counter Lawsuit


So...the Nkemdiche's fire back.

On the heels of a $2 million lawsuit filed by an Ole Miss student who claims he was assaulted by Rebels football brothers Denzel and Robert Nkemdiche and 3 more of their teammates, the brothers have returned fire.

The two filed a counter suit in Lafayette County Circuit court claiming they've been defamed and the accuser, Matthew Baird can't prove any of the claims he is making.

We first told you about Mr. Baird filing his lawsuit back on February 19th.

You can read that story RIGHT HERE

We should also note that while Robert Nkemdiche hasn't gotten in trouble for this or anything else with Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze, older brother Denzel was suspended from the team for Spring Practice and the team's first game just last week, the suspension was due to what was termed an "Unrelated Incident" last month. (Feb. 2014)

If you'd like to read more about the Nkemdiche's counter suit, the original story in the Oxford Clarion-Ledger is RIGHT HERE

Right or wrong, this raises tons of questions Ole Miss football and the Nkemdiche brothers. Robert was THE top recruit for the 2013 season and brother Denzel an All-SEC performer. They may in fact be perfectly innocent here and victims of Mr. Baird looking for money.

But the general rule these days seems to be where there is smoke, there's fire. The guess is the actual story of Baird getting beaten up probably lies somewhere in between both versions of the events.

((Note--Baird claims he was attacked by the brothers and the other players while unconscious. And the Ole Miss police department says they didn't have any reason to pursue the investigation))

We'll see how this actually plays out--aside from the lawyers making some money that is.

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