Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In case you missed it: Brandon Marshall to Chicago but there is a catch

Brandon Marshall

On the surface, it was a trade that made us (( say "Huh"? The Miami Dolphins trade their best receiver and one of the best in the NFL to the Chicago Bears for a couple of 3rd round picks.

Yes, Marshall has a somewhat "Shady" reputation due to multiple run-ins with the law.

And he has apparently added to that list.

Today's (Wed.) New York Post reports Marshall was involved in an altercation at a Chelsea (New York City) night club early Sunday morning.

The report says he is accused of hitting a woman in the eye.

This is an issue because he is already in trouble with the NFL for past indiscretions, most involving domestic violence with his wife.

The Post's story on the arrest is RIGHT HERE


Both the Dolphins and Bears claim they were aware of this incident. We and many other outlets don't necessarily believe that.

The incident opens Marshall up to suspension due to the NFL's Player Personal Conduct Policy since he is a repeat offender. That could mean the Bears would be without him for a few games. And if the Dolphins knew and the Bears didn't...well, we find that fairly amusing.

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