Thursday, March 22, 2012

Old Dominion player arrested right before tipoff

Talk about a crappy way to finish your college basketball career.

Old Dominion University's best basketball player, Kent Bazemore was arrested Wednesday night just before tipoff of his teams NIT game vs. Mercer.

According to WAVY-TV in Norfolk, Virginia, Bazemore was arrested for not completing the terms of his sentence for a DUI charge in 2011. It just so happened that the arrest took place in Virginia Beach.

After it was found Bazemore didn't attend the classes he was required to attend, an arrest warrant was issued and right after warmups Wednesday night, Mr. Bazemore was escorted from the court, directly to jail, where he was later released.

Uh...lesson here.

And it is a pretty simple one, so we won't preach so much. If you are arrested and sentenced to something, it doesn't matter who you are...especially if you participate in something public like...oh...say...a college or professional sport, eventually you'll pay the price. If you are sentenced to do something, chances are it is because you did something wrong...and just because you are a college or professional athlete doesn't excuse you from serving out that sentence.

Unless you are rich and have a really good lawyer.

WVEC-TV in Norfolk has your TV story:


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