Friday, March 30, 2012

Yo Quiero Taco Erving...???

Apparently, Gators point guard Erving Walker really wanted that $3 taco from a Gainesville, Florida street vendor.

Early this morning in Gainesville, he ran away with one and ended up being pursued by a few GPD cop cars and other police officers who chased Walker by foot.

Walker was charged with retail petit theft and resisting an officer without violence, and is scheduled to appear in front of a judge on the 19th.

According to Michael DiRocco's report from GatorNation, Walker admitted to stealing the taco but said he was "just playing around."

In talking with FOSG who follow the Gator basketball program, they're actually glad that Walker is no longer associated with the on-court product at the O-Dome. The prevailing opinion is that Walker is too small to play at the next level here in the states and has too many issues being a point guard- including launching too many unnecessary shots at inopportune times and not being a guard that has sound judgment with the ball...

There's the phrase having to do with a door on your way out...
But the new incident reminds the HQ of what's below...
((HT: Yum!Brands/youtube))

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