Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Case You Missed it: Harbaugh throws to Moss then signs him

It might have been more surreal if it were the Randy Moss of say 2004, but it wasn't. Yet it still was oddly compelling.

The San Francisco 49ers brought the mercurial Moss in for a workout on Monday. The problem: No quarterback to throw to him.

The solution, have former QB and current 'Niners coach Jim Harbaugh throw to him.

Somebody must have been impressed.

The reason: Moss was signed to a contract shortly after the workout. IT's a fairly low risk move for San Francisco with potentially a big reward.

Oh...the odd part of it. Check out the video of the workout from CSN Bay Area. It kind of looks like they threw in a construction yard, though it was actually because they didn't let anyone....other than the team video guy...shoot it.

Here's your video, enjoy your Moss 'Niners fans:

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