Friday, April 18, 2014

Mark Emmert Defenses The Indefensible

((HT: ESPN))

It appears that Mark Emmert, the head of the NCAA, decided to go go Bristol this morning to do some kind of media tour dressed in Casual Friday fashion...

And, as the gentleman that has to defend the presidential stances of the NCAA, he has to tow the party line- no matter how silly the presidential party line is...

Like this run on the new meal standing even invoking Shabazz Napier by name

The #askemmert hashtag the "Mike and Mike" show used made for some interesting fodder...
Search the Twitter machine on your own for amusement- it would take us too long to post the great questions...
But Awful Announcing has a great recap
As does Deadspin...

And when stuff like this gets re-tweeted, you know it was another bad idea:

From Jay Bilas: NCAA President says athletes are "taking seats from a paying student." Wow.
ESPN actually put this out on their own: "If I can hire someone to play football for me why would I hire an 18 year old? Why not someone who plays in the CFL?" Emmert on unions

Here's the interview in full with Golic and Sedano

Someone DID tell Emmert he didn't have to do this, right...???

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