Friday, April 25, 2014

Video of the Day: ESPN Staffer Says What Everyone Outside Thinks on an ESPN Show


This is easily the highlight of the day. A great way to wrap up what's otherwise been a crappy week.

We and many, many other blogs have often called out the folks at ESPN for an "East Coast bias" or in some cases just picking favorites or creating stories where stories don't exist.

And guess, what. One of their own called them out on it. On one of their own TV shows.

Watch what happens on the lame ESPN show called "Numbers Never Lie". (Yeah, we've never watched it either)

Anyway, filling in today was ESPN radio host and ESPN Women writer Sarah Spain who was on the panel with Michael Smith and Jorge Something or other.

For some reason, the subject of the show became Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. A team not in the playoffs and who had a crappy season. Yet the two male co-hosts could only talk about what the Knicks could do if they were in the playoffs.

That opening was all Spain had to hear. She tore into the pair and into ESPN's "East Coast Bias" saying they'd rather talk about a New York team out of the playoffs than any of the teams in the playoffs. And that nobody cares about the Knicks right now, we can talk about them when we talk about NEXT season.

And she's right. Nobody outside the Northeastern U.S cares right now. Nobody.

Watch and smile like we did.

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