Saturday, April 19, 2014

Taiwanese Animation and the SEC Bag Man: A Love Story


This would be the funniest video we've seen all week if there weren't a fairly serious story attached to it.

Until this afternoon (Saturday) we hadn't read a fascinating tale of the "SEC Bag Man" or the alleged guy with the money to sign recruits and keep players flush with money.

We don't know how much of it is completely true, but is certainly explains some things. And considering how much we know about how things operate in the Dirty South, it did not surprise us to read any of it.

Read if for yourself from Steven Godfrey of RIGHT HERE

Now the story itself did not get a ton of national play, but somehow it found it's way to the "Taiwanese Animators" who gave the treatment only they could give it.

The video spares few, though there is a preponderance of Auburn, Georgia and Tennessee involved in it.

Enough of the set-up, check it out:

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