Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MSU-Mankato State Football Players Don't Want Their Old Coach Back


Just yesterday (Tuesday), we told you the story of former Minnesota State-Mankato coach Todd Hoffner, who was fired back in May of 2013 after school officials found videos of naked children, which turned out to be his own kids, on his school issued cellphone.

Hoffner took a job at nearby Minot State, but filed suit asking for his old job back. An arbitor awarded him that opportunity.

However, it appears Hoffner's old players at Mankato don't want him to return. Spring Practice was scheduled to begin Wednesday afternoon, but according to the St.Paul Star-Tribune, the players did not dress out and chose to read a statement.

The statement essentially said they want interim coach Aaron Keen back as their head coach.

Here's the statement in full:

"We want information. We want answers. We've decided not to practice because of a change-up in the coaching situation."

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Needless to say this has already gotten messy. Hoffner, for all essential purposes was proven innocent and lost his job. But in Sports, it's not always so easy to come back after a year and pick up right where you left off.

And that's the problem facing Mankato's administrators face. It's not clear why the players don't want anything to do with Hoffner. That being said, the team has gone 24-2 since Hoffner was dismissed.

The question while really legal is this: How do you get rid of a coach who's gone 24-2 and replace him with the guy who was the coach before he was? Sure, there may be a beef of some sorts between the players and Hoffner, but ultimately, it's not their decision.

Or at least they need a compelling reason for rebelling.

We will follow this story and see how it plays out. More and more, college players are demanding a voice at the table when it comes to their coach. The question on the floor is this: Should they have the ability to do that or is it none of their business?

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