Friday, April 25, 2014

Northwestern Voting To Unionize Today

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It all starts today... and goes on all day...

The vote for the Northwestern football players to unionize is going on on campus and the National Labor Relations Board has been asked to certify it. The NLRB will review the ruling, but the results won't be known for some time... and only if the board agrees with the players assessment of their status.

Coaches have campaigned against the idea of a union- openly so... even going as far as distributing "informational material" to explain their point-of-view...

Anita Padilla is outside with Lester Munson
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Northwestern football-playing alums even went as far as sending a letter to the school's Board of Directors supporting Kain Colter and what his fellow players are doing as a talking point for change.

Not necessarily supporting unionization, just talking about change...

From the letter, given to CBSSports:

Collegiate Alumni Athletes for Change believes that as a private NCAA institution, Northwestern University is in a
unique position to lead. The University should begin by making modifications to the governance process to give
players a greater voice and a substantive stake in the creation of policies and regulations that impact their
interests. We believe that a greater voice for players creates an equity that is in both the University's and the
player's interests. It protects and preserves the game that we love, and also initiates a new model and practice for
the business of college sports. It will create an even more intelligent and reasonable model and framework where
schools can substantively address athletically related revenues with the individuals that are largely responsible for
producing those revenues.

And the HQ knows this is just the beginning of a long process- just ask Ed O'Bannon about that...

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