Saturday, April 19, 2014

Raptors G.M Says !#%& Brooklyn Before Raptors-Nets Game (Video)

Okay, this is being a bit trivial and isn't something nobody's ever said about an opponent before.

But this time it's a General Manager...and unfortunately for Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri, he uttered a profane statement towards the Brooklyn Nets at a pep rally in front of a fired up crowd of Raptors fans prior to the start of their 1st Round Eastern Conference NBA Game.

And yes, Ujiri used the "F-Word" a word some people use quite frequently. But not often as an executive while performing in their role as an executive.

((Side Note--We wouldn't recommend talking TOO much smack to Brooklyn-ites...just sayin'))

In the grand scheme of things, no this probably isn't a big deal, rather it just illustrates the "Be Careful What You Say" in public rule that most high profile people need to think about.

**Note** At halftime of Saturday's game, Ujiri apologized saying "You know how I feel, I don't like them, but I apologize"

Here's Instagram Video of Ujiri (NSFW) from steve_classic

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