Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ron MacLean Apologizes For HNIC Comments

((HT: CBC News))

First... tell the HQ what you think about this segment...

Well, if one of the best in the business offended you, Ron MacLean has apologized...

Coming from a referee like MacLean, the remarks were surprising.
And FOSG Elliotte Friedman was on set with him- and disagreed...

The reaction among French-speaking and separatist Canadians was somewhat expected:
An example from the Journal de Montreal op-ed piece by Rejean Tremblay...translated...

Well then, it should be forbidden to have a "Canadian" referee a game Maple Leafs or Canucks? And an American officer should not during a match between a Canadian team to an American team? Or, would be the finest of racial discrimination and prohibit a native referee Minnesota work in a game of Wild? But then, what do we do with an Albertan and Oilers and Flames? You know that in these cases, the question does not arise. 

Because for MacLean, the "Canadian" or Ontarian Dave Jackson or even an English Montreal are part of the superior race. They therefore intelligence and control of their emotions that guarantee the quality of their work. While the poor little French, he is subject to the call of the tribe.

And fan mail was somewhat hot in places...from one such letter in the Montreal Gazette:

Ron MacLean’s comments regarding the inappropriate use of French referees in the Montreal Canadiens vs. Tampa Bay game was insulting to all Canadians who respect diversity and who live in a country that claims this as a value. 

To think our so-called national broadcaster allows such divisive rhetoric is deplorable and just reinforces the fact that the CBC should have its funding cut (even though I do not support the political reasons the government uses to justify its cuts).

So, what say you about the comments... faithful reader...???

Just asking...

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