Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crittenton's Gang Ties Questioned All Over Again

((HT: ESPN))

Not that this is a complete shock or anything...

With former NBA'er Javaris Crittenton in an Atlanta jail awaiting his trial on charges of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to deal marijuana and cocaine, not to mention two more indictments that have even more charges attached.

He was indicted in April of 2013 on a 12-count indictment with his cousin Douglas Gamble in the murder of Julian Jones and the attempted murder of another individual. Jones was murdered in August of 2011 when she was walking with Trontavious Stephens, a known member of the "ROC Crew" street gang. Crittenton and Gamble fired several shots at Stephens but hit Jones instead.

It was widely thought that Jones was not the target, but was the member of the party walking along the street that was hit by the gunfire.
Deputy DA Gabe Banks said at the time that Crittenton was a member of the "Mansfield Gangster Crips" and a member of the gang (or "not" depending on if you ask the person ESPN linked to the Crips) denied Crittenton's involvement with the Crips themselves. But if gang activity can be linked to a case, it may be easier to introduce gang-related evidence... Here's John Barr's handiwork in the Crittenton update:

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