Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hillsborough 2014 Inquests Begin

((HT: BBC))

Lord Justice Goldring, in charge of the new Hillsborough inquests, has instructed his jury that no Liverpool fan of the 96 who died in 1989 are to be blamed for their deaths.

The jury heard police accounts of what happened that day were changed with critical comments about police leadership and fans changed. Police officers also had questions that were omitted when they were Xeroxed and sent for analysis later that year and into the 1990's.

South Yorkshire police officers had been asked to write their own accounts of what happened as part of the investigation. Senior officers and lawyers for the force altered some of the statements before they were passed to West Midlands Police, which was investigating the tragedy. Although, West Midlands did not pursue most of the omissions that they apparently new existed in the photocopies they received

Here's the story from outside...

The jury of 7 women and 4 men will have to decide if the amended statements they will be going over have any weight in allaying any initial malpractice or lack of a performance of police duties...

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