Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kentucky Fans Burn Stuff After Win (Why?)


Please forgive us for stereotyping here, but we have questions...

Can someone please explain to us why you burn a couch after your team wins a big game?


We get celebrating that your team won and is going to the National Championship game. No problem with that...

But why the couch burning?

Is it an Appalachian Mountain thing? Is it something you feel obligated to do if you are a hillbilly? Sure, we're old and we don't quite agree with the whole rioting in the streets thing, but at least THAT, we understand. This makes no sense. The only two places we've ever heard of couches being burned in celebration are Kentucky and West Virginia (the stereotype question).

What does burning a couch signify? Heck, you burn your couch, it means you have to go buy a new one.

The reason we ask is this:

After their last second win vs. Wisconsin late Saturday night, University of Kentucky students and other hangers on took to the streets in Lexington, proceeding to burn couches and anything else they could light on fire.

According to firefighters had to put out over 60 fires and at least 30 people were treated for injuries.

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No doubt Kentucky fans will take offense of this, but...are you all that STUPID? And no, we aren't knocking you taking to the streets to celebrate, that's a time honored tradition....that's usually reserved for WINNING a CHAMPIONSHIP.

And we know full well if you win on Monday night, that's exactly what you'll be doing, celebrating in the streets, burning anything you can get ahold of.

But why?

Oddly, this seems to be something that Kentucky's fans embrace. We know people in that part of the world and they just kind of laugh about it.


We'd be more than happy to hear a logical explanation for this, but we don't think there is one. And no, "Kids will be Kids" isn't acceptable.

Why do you burn couches to celebrate?  One of life's mysteries we suppose, and it's all good 'til someone gets hurt, which is something we're betting is coming soon.

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  1. You do realize this is a University with people from all over the United States. Are YOU that stupid?