Friday, April 4, 2014

Legendary UGA Swim Coach Suspended for NCAA Allegations

Photo Courtesy: UGA

It's not one of the "Big Ticket" NCAA Sports, but Swimming and Diving are sports that many Colleges have had great success.

One of the most successful, the University of Georgia under the guidance of coach Jack Bauerle.

Bauerle has run the school's wildly successful programs since the l979 and has been an Olympic Coach. He's also in the swimming and diving hall of fame.

He's now also on the short list of coaches under investigation for serious violations of NCAA rules.

Bauerle is accused of getting one of his star swimmers admitted to a class after the enrollment deadline and according to the NCAA's investigation, got that swimmer, Chase Kalisz a passing grade despite Kalisz not doing any course work.

The school has been cooperating with the NCAA in the
investigation and suspended Bauerle until all investigations are completed.

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For his part, Bauerle has been apologetic, but the question now is; "Is it too late?"

We've interviewed Bauerle many times and he's been nothing but the widely respected, class guy everyone says he is.

Which makes what happened perplexing and may put Georgia in a very difficult position. How do you part ways with someone who's taken your program to unprecedented heights?

We suspect the answer probably will lie in how severe the NCAA Penalties are...

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