Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Ex-NHL'ers File Concussion Lawsuits

Another federal class action lawsuit has been filed against the National Hockey League alleging their attitude towards treating ex-players who suffer from health-related problems directly resulting from their efforts on the ice has been non-existent.

The lawsuit was filed in Minneapolis with ex-NHL'ers Dave Christian, Reed Larson and William Bennett named as plaintiffs. The suit puts forth the notion that, from the AP, the NHL put its players "at a substantially higher risk" for developing memory loss, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Larson is a member of the US Hockey Hall of Fame. Here's an example of what he did in the NHL with Kevin Maguire in 1987- in addition to all the scoring and All-Star appearances
((HT: hockeyfights.com))

Christian was a part of the "Miracle on Ice" squad and is also a member of the Hall of Fame.
((HT: Team USA))

Bennett played for the Whalers and Bruins. Larson and Christian are Minnesotans. Bennett is from Rhode Island.

How these three became connected for the lawsuit is unclear, but it is now the third such suit involving the NHL and former players wondering about treatment for their post-career injuries. The first suit was filed back in November and the second was filed last week.

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