Monday, April 7, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Trial Day 17: He Takes The Stand

((HT: SABC Digital News))

As was the plan by the defense, Oscar Pistorius took the stand and apologized to the Steenkamp family for everything they have gone through since her death.

He showed up in Session two today...

Pistorius has maintained that he mistook his girlfriend as an intruder when he fired into the bathroom in his home Valentine's Day of 2013. Attorney Barry Roux walked the courtroom through his life in an attempt to counter the angry individual portrayed by the prosecution during their section of the proceedings. The defense also portrayed a fearful Pistorius was the reason he carried guns as a part of his daily life.

Court was adjourned while Pistorius was on the stand since the judge admitted Pistorius looked exhausted.

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