Thursday, April 3, 2014

Report: Feds Looking Into FSU and Jameis Winston Investigation


Hmmm...this could be interesting.

According to reports this afternoon, Federal Government investigators have begun looking into Florida State University's handling of rape allegations against star QB Jameis Winston and other reports of sexual assault allegations against FSU athletes over the past three years.

And while it may mean and/or turn up nothing, it most certainly is something worth monitoring.

You'll recall Winston was absolved of charges leveled by a woman who claims he assaulted her after she had multiple drinks at a Tallahassee bar in late 2012. The woman claims Tallahassee police and others did not fully investigate the charges and insinuated that they were not worth pursuing because of Winston's status.

Details of that incident did not surface until November of 2013 and the Florida Sate Attorney's office decided to not pursue the charges citing insufficient evidence.

Read the story from RIGHT HERE

While at this point, there's been little, if any reaction from the University, like we mentioned earlier, it bears watching.

Today's report does not mention WHICH agency is actually investigating the allegations but the fact an outside agency has expressed some concern over the timeline and transpiring of events leads one to be reminded of that old quote that quite often "Where there is smoke, there's often fire".

Only time will tell....

Here's the look from WCTV in Thomasville-Tallahassee

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