Friday, December 21, 2012

Buffalo Bills to stay in Buffalo for awhile


Scratch one more team from the potential "Move to L.A" theory in the NFL.

State lawmakers and the Buffalo Bills announced Friday morning they've come to an agreement that will keep the football team playing in Buffalo, for more than likely at least the next 10-years.

The deal all but locks the team in, by stipulating any relocation would trigger a $400 million relocation penalty. Except---in year 7 of the deal. (odd-but not explained)

In return, the state will spend a good chunk of money to renovate the somewhat antiquated Ralph Wilson stadium, which will add to what the team and the city/county will add.

Read the entire story from the Buffalo News RIGHT HERE

This is a pretty strong statement for a team considered high up on the potential relocation list. There was a lot of concern that when team owner Ralph Wilson passes away, his heirs would move the team to a more profitable location.

That won't happen.

It leaves some interesting speculation as to whether anyone will actually leave and move to L.A. Certainly teams like The Jaguars and The Rams will be candidates. The Jaguars have attendance and quality issues, the Rams are trying to get a major renovation in St. Louis.

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