Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy College Bowl Season: You Pick 'em...

Okay, actually, I'll pick 'em and try and rank them. Mostly because while some of these 32-plus games may be very good, the majority will be awful and the season, well, it will drag on for what seems like forever.

We've made our feelings known in the past about the bloated, overweight, biased system that penalizes teams like the 8-4 MTSU Blue Raiders and rewards UNWORTHY 6-7 teams like Georgia Tech. It's borderline criminal.

But we digress.

Rather than bore you with a lengthy discourse on why roughly 15 of these games shouldn't exist, we'll just list them. If you are bored enough to watch them all, well, then you pick which ones should go away.

Here's our list: (BCS Championship game at the bottom)

Gildan New Mexico Bowl:

Nevada (7-5) vs. Arizona (7-5). Hmmm. How does New Mexico, a state with arguably the worst college football teams in the whole U.S, get a bowl game? This will a track meet. With very little defense. (You've been warned). Our Pick: Arizona 47, Nevada 41

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl:

Toledo (9-3) vs. Utah St. (10-2). This might actually be a good matchup, but who is going to actually see it? Hey, congratulations, you are going to a bowl game....In Idaho...Utah St has a better defense, they should win. Our Pick: Utah St. 37, Toledo 23

Beef O'Brady's Bowl:

UCF (9-4) vs. Ball St. (9-3). How does a crappy chain of alleged sports bars get a bowl game? And in the incredibly exciting town of St. Petersburg to boot? This may be played in front of a crowd of 12. And no, we don't know much about either team. Crap shoot. Our Pick: UCF 27, Ball St. 17

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl:

BYU (7-5) vs. San Diego St. (9-3). The obvious question: Can they fit that name on a t-shirt? We're guessing the East Coast audience for this will be best. Again, we don't know much about either team. But really, we don't care. Our Pick: SDSU 31, BYU 28

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl:

E.Carolina (8-4) vs. La. Lafayette (8-4). We have to be interested in this game. TBL gives us no choice since she went to La.Laf. Nothing says bowl game like an 11am (cst) Kickoff on a Saturday in New Orleans. Another potential Loooonnnngggg game. Our Pick: La. Laf 42, E.Carolina 31

The MAACO Bowl Las Vegas:

Washington (7-5) vs. Boise St. (10-2). Good, luck, enjoy Vegas and get a free car paint job. No, all kidding aside, this might actually be a decent game. It's just the title here. Besides, who wouldn't want a free (to them) trip to Vegas? Our Pick: Boise St. 31, Washington 17

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl:

Fresno St. (9-3) vs. SMU (6-6). Oh boy. How exactly did SMU get this trip? Oh, right, June Jones used to coach there. This used to be a big deal, cool game. Key word used to. You may see some stragglers looking to avoid a Christmas Eve party watching this, but that would be the only reason. Our Pick: Fresno St. 40, SMU 27.

Little Caesar's Bowl:

W. Kentucky (7-5) vs. C. Michigan (6-6). Pizza, pizza. This game isn't worth much more than a $5 "Hot and Ready". But it will be played. And it will be on TV too. So there's that. WKU will have some interest since Robert Petrino esq will coach them in 2013. Our Pick: WKU 33, CMU 28.

Military Bowl--Presented by Northrup Grumman:

San Jose St. (10-2) vs. Bowling Green U. (8-4). Must be nice to be a military contractor that makes enough money to underwrite a really unnecessary college bowl game. Wouldn't this game be more relevant with Military Acadamies in it? Just wondering...Our Pick: SJSU 35, Bowling Green 21.

Belk Bowl:

Cincinnati (9-3) vs. Duke (6-6). This will be well attended, but again, it's two totally un-interesting teams. It will be crowded because Duke will bring a crowd, if the alumni realize what's happened and they are in a bowl game. ---sigh--- Cincinnati can again wistfully dream of being in the ACC, only not.
Our Pick: Duke 27, Cincy 23.

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl:

Baylor (7-5) vs. UCLA (9-4). Two games in San Diego? Two minor games in the same place, just a few days apart. But...this should actually be a pretty good game, if anyone tunes in to see it. The Bruins have a slightly better defense here, that should be enough. Our Pick: UCLA 43, Baylor 31.

AdVoCare V100 Independence Bowl:

Ohio (8-4) vs. UL-Monroe (8-4). We liked this better as the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. Just sayin'. Shreveport is lucky to have the team that finished in the middle of the SEC West pack. haha!. This is actually a pretty even matchup. And we REALLY are curious how many Ohioans show up. Our Pick: UL-Monroe 31, Ohio 25.

Russell Athletic Bowl:

Rutgers (9-3) vs. Va.Tech (6-6). Really? These two are going to play? Rutgers is decent, or at least they are on paper. But Va. Tech? How did they get here? You want to know why we hate the bowl system? Teams like the Hokies shouldn't be rewarded for a crappy, underachieving season like this. Our Pick: Rutgers 12, Va.Tech 10. 

Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas:

Minnesota (6-6) vs. Texas Tech (7-5). OK. Let's take a head count here. Who's excited about this game? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Are those crickets? The Gophers at least have a good story considering how bad they were last season. We're pretty sure Tech just wants to forget 2012. Our Pick: Tech 31, Minnesota 21.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl:

Rice (6-6) vs. Air Force (6-6). We hate to say this...but, are either of these teams worthy of post-season play? Yeah, we get that Air Force is a military team, so they have a claim. But will you sit down and watch this game. No, neither will we. Our Pick: Rice 31, Air Force 28.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl:

West Virginia (7-5) vs. Syracuse (7-5). Wasn't WVA in the Top 5 not-so-long ago? And Geno Smith, wasn't he going to win the Heisman? Yeah, that worked out pretty well didn't it? Another in the long list of "Why are they playing this?" games. Our Pick: WVA 41, Syracuse 31

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl:

Navy (7-4) vs. Arizona St. (7-5).  Enjoy San Francisco, hope the weather is good. Two pretty decent running teams, one not-so-interesting game. But that, we suppose, is why they play them. Our Pick: ASU 34, Navy 23

Valero Alamo Bowl:

Texas (8-4) vs. Oregon St. (9-3). This actually looks like it might be a pretty decent matchup. Two fairly evenly matched teams. Texas isn't what they think they are and Oregon St. may be more than they think. We might even watch this one if time...and TLB allows it. Our Pick: Oregon St. 33, Texas 27.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl:

TCU (7-5) vs. Michigan St. (6-6). This game may be as generic as BW3's chicken wings. Oh, yeah...I said it!. TCU, considering what happened this season could be named Bowl worthy, but Michigan St? No, not at all. But welcome to Arizona. Our Pick: TCU 27, Mich. St. 21.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl:

NC State (7-5) vs. Vandy (8-4). Vandy deserved better than staying at home. Really, they did. NC State should count themselves lucky. 11am is REALLY early for a New Years Eve kickoff. Our Pick: Vanderbilt 37, NC State 17. 

Hyundai Sun Bowl:

USC (7-5) vs. Ga. Tech (6-7). I suppose since I bought a Hyundai this year, these two teams owe me. But dude. Ga.Tech has NO business in a bowl game. NONE. But yet they are. And they play the years biggest underachieving team. Our Pick: USC 34, Ga.Tech 10. 

AutoZone Liberty Bowl:

Iowa St. (6-6) vs. Tulsa (10-3). Explain again to me how Iowa State is bowl eligible? Or worthy? Yeah, Tulsa earned it. Enjoy Memphis, try the ribs. But come on...No, quite sure we won't be watching this one. Our Pick: Tulsa 42, Iowa St. 0 (anger pick)

Chick Fil-A Bowl:

LSU (10-2) vs. Clemson (10-2). Finally, an interesting game. This one is always good. And sold out. This we'd watch...if we didn't have plans for the night. Ooops. But Clemson is an ACC team, and ACC always looses to the SEC. Our Pick: LSU 31, Clemson 27. Gator Bowl: 

Miss. St (8-4) vs. Northwestern (9-3). We find it funny our Jacksonville friends are stunned the Chick Fil A is a better game than theirs. Guys, it has been, for a long time. That being said, this should be a decent, if boring matchup of two dull teams. Our Pick: Miss. St. 23, Northwestern 21. 

Heart of Dallas Bowl:

Purdue (6-6) vs. Oklahoma St. (7-5)., the Cotton Bowl isn't played in the Cotton Bowl on Jan.1 but this game is? Can someone please explain this? And really, is there a cry for this matchup?
Purdue is like most of the Big/Little 10, NOT BOWL WORTHY AT ALL! Our Pick: Okie St. 40, Purdue 0000000

Capital One Bowl:

Georgia (11-2) vs. Nebraska (10-3). The runner-up but shunned bowl. This might actually be a good game, but man, have you ever been to the stadium? It's about as old and depressing as they come. And I say that having grown up in Orlando. IF Georgia is interested, it's a blowout, but will they be? Our Pick: UGA 41, Nebraska 31. 

Outback Bowl:

S.Carolina (10-2) vs. Michigan (8-4). The best halftime meal in the business. Bar none. This would've been a good game if ANYONE in the Big/Little 10 was worth a crap. But they aren't. S. Carolina will be too strong...and fast. Our Pick: S.Carolina 28, Michigan 21. 

The Rose Bowl presented by Vizio:

Wisconsin (8-5) vs. Stanford (11-2). Is there any less interesting BCS game this eyars. Oh...wait, maybe the Orange Bowl. Anyway, Wisconsin will be sans coach. Stanford is Wisconsin only much, much better. Our Pick: Stanford 34, Wisconsin 23. 

Discover Orange Bowl:

Northern Illinois (12-1) vs. FSU (11-2). Who did the Orange Bowl piss off to be saddled with the games they have the past couple years? That being said, all the grief N.Illinois gets, they'll probably play FSU close. Because FSU is an ACC team and they all underachieve. Our Pick: FSU 31, NIU 21. 

Allstate Sugar Bowl:

Louisville (10-2) vs. Florida (11-1). This looks closer on the surface than it will be. Just don't see Louisville hanging with the Gay-Tors. Ever. Still don't think Florida is all they think they are, but they really are better than Louisville. Our Pick: Florida 23, Louisville 10. 

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl:

Oregon (11-1) vs. Kansas St. (11-1). This could very well be the best of the bowl games. A great matchup of two similar teams. This, we may watch. Our Pick: Oregon 47, K-State 41. 

AT&T Cotton Bowl:

Texas A&M (10-2) vs. Oklahoma (10-2). Another very good matchup. We'll be curious to see if Bob Stoops can come up with something to slow Johnny Football. It can...and has been done. Our Pick: Oklahoma 34, A&M 31 (upset)

BBVA Compass Bowl:

Pittsburgh (6-6) vs. Ole Miss (6-6). Explain why this game is being played again please? Or why either of these teams get to play in a bowl game. We are pretty sure there will be nothing more boring on TV that day than this. No interest. AT ALL. Our Pick: Ole Miss 14, Pitt 14. 

Go Bowl:

Kent St. (11-2) vs. Ark. St. (9-3). Hmmmm. Much like a GoDaddy commercial, this is a pretty poor tease of a game. Two teams very happy to be bowling, but who actually will watch? Our Pick: Kent St. 33, Ark. St. 31. 

YOUR BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (It's the BCS, it is a business, not the NCAA)

Alabama (12-1) vs. Notre Dame (12-0). A game for the ages. (right?). We aren't 100% sure these are the 2 best teams in college football. But we could be wrong. Notre Dame's had a great year, but we don't think they are in the same category here. Playing Boston College, Navy and Pitt. can't prepare you for this.

OUR PICK: Alabama 27, Notre Dame 10. 

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