Tuesday, December 11, 2012

T-Rex chases off Austrailian PGA Tournament

Goony Golf
((ht: espn.com))

Yes, let the "Lost World" jokes commence. This is an actual real story. Really, we aren't making it up.

The Austrailian PGA Tournament will be relocating after this years tournament. The reason: A 26-foot tall, mechanical T-Rex that the course owner put between the 9th and 10th tee.

Oh, did we mention that T-Rex roars at the movement of passerby?

The owner of the Palmer/Coolum Resort, Austrailian billionaire Clive Palmer, put the dinosaur up as the first of many planned dinosaur's because he wants to make it a "Theme Park".

No really, he said it.

And yeah, if you are thinking Goony Golf, so are we.

Read the ESPN.com story RIGHT HERE

Words cannot describe how funny this is. Yet Palmer appears to be quite serious. Golfers, particularly the professional kind can be a bit of a finicky group. So we can easily see why they probably don't find the humor in having a T-Rex roar at them while they tee off.

We can only hope Palmer is inspired enough to put one on the 18th Green and place the pin inside of his mouth. Maybe he can offer a reward for any golfer that gets a hole-in-one there. Much like mini-golf, he can offer them a free game.

Just sayin'....

Here's your video:

TREX arrives @ Palmer Coolum Resort from Palmer Coolum Resort on Vimeo.

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