Monday, December 31, 2012

DEVELOPING: Boise Staying In Mountain West (UPDATED With $$$ Details)

((HT: Brett McMurphy))

And, because of that, San Diego State won't have to pay an exit fee if they decide to leave the Big East Conference and return west themselves...

Until we have more info on this whole thing, here's highlights from Boise State's win over Washington in Las Vegas...
McMurphy also says that Boise will still have to pay their $10-million exit fee. Maybe, they can go halfsies with the Aztecs... We have more from the Mountain West their own selves... MWC Commish Craig Thompson, in Hawai'i for the Diamond Head Classic, told Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union-Tribune when asked about SDSU: “It’s not by any particular design that we haven’t talked to San Diego State,” Thompson said. “Maybe it’s a cat and mouse kind of deal. Boise State has been more active in this. It’s not obstinance on anyone’s part. Whenever it’s time, if it’s time, it will happen … I would have no issue talking with San Diego State if something were to develop. “To be honest, we’re just trying to figure all this out. Schools have their reasons for leaving for the Big East. Maybe they’re still valid today, maybe they’re not. But I think some schools – maybe not only Boise State – are re-evaluating that decision.” And, according to Brian Murphy at the Idaho Statesman and his Twitter: Boise State will remain in Mountain West. League will guarantee the rights to Boise State home FB games that are sold as separate package.

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