Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sac. Kings suspend DeMarcus Cousins...again


It's not always good to be King. Or a Sacramento King. Or DeMarcus Cousins Just ask the management of the woeful NBA Basketball team who were forced to suspend their "Tempermental" center yet again after getting into a shouting match with head coach Keith Smart.

The incident, this time, happened at the half of Friday nights loss vs. The Los Angeles Clippers. And while Cousins is now saying all the contrite things after the fact. It just adds to the specter he may be more trouble than he is worth.

Cousins told the Sacramento Bee: "What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room but I was wrong." he added "I messed up. I'm apologizing to all my teammates for it, for responding the way I did and we'll move on from it. I grow from all of my mistakes."


Let's see. So he goes for the nut shot on Mavericks Guard O.J Mayo just over a week ago. Earlier in the season, he sat out two games for trying to go after Spurs broadcaster Sean Elliot and last year his confrontations with former head coach Paul Westphal led to Westphal being fired.

But that behavior is accepted and will not too adversely affect his career because he's 22, he's 7-feet tall and has some modicum of talent. Never mind that his peers seem to think he's insane, he argues with his coaches and doesn't seem too concerned about.

Here's some video of Cousin's jab to Mayo's nether regions some 10-days ago...

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