Friday, December 21, 2012

Johnny Football Courtside at Mavs game TNT guys wonder why?


It's good to be king. Or a Heisman Trophy winner. How else can you afford to put yourself in a court side seat at an NBA Basketball game?

Yes, it may be totally innocent, but it was kind of funny to listen to TNT's NBA analyst Steve Kerr roundly call out Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel and how he could afford a high-priced seat to the Dallas Mavericks/Miami Heat game Thursday night.

For his part, after hearing of the question, Manziel tweeted the following: "Bought myself a little birthday present tonight stop hating! #HEATvsMAVS."

Read the Yahoo Sports story RIGHT HERE

All kidding aside, it does raise a bit of an eyebrow. Sure, more than likely Manziel isn't lying and he splurged on a gift for himself. And no, Kerr probably didn't need to go there with the accusation.

But it does make you wonder.

There aren't a lot of college kids who can afford the most expensive seat in the house for an NBA game. Particularly as an impulse buy. We are quite sure that there won't be anyway to prove evil-doing here, but it does make you wonder.

**--Note--** We learned after publishing this story that Manziel's parents can easily afford such an indulgence which explains quite a bit.

Heck, we make a decent living and while it wouldn't break our bank to buy a court side ticket for an NBA game, it would make a significant dent in our bank account. But then again, we didn't win the Heisman this year either.


  1. Much like the 12 year olds sitting next to Johnny Football, my guess is his parents bought the tickets (or he bought the birthday gift for himself with money from his parents)

  2. Knew this would get your attention. And you are probably right, and it kind of makes the fact it became newsworthy all the more humorous...