Monday, December 24, 2012

No, Butch Davis is not the New Coach at FIU--Today (UPDATED)

Interesting reports circulating out of Miami that banished former UNC football coach Butch Davis will be the new head coach at Florida International University.

The Miami Herald's David O'Neal posted a story saying there may or may not be an announcement next week.

You can read that RIGHT HERE

But, if you read it closely, in the next paragraph, he begins to back track on that statement.

And, in the "Next" blog post, says that he spoke with FIU AD Pete Garcia who says the rumors are totally false.

And yet the rumors are flying all over the Interwebs. Most are saying that the report was never true.


Remember THIS story from just three weeks ago

Yes, Davis could be resurfacing. But if so, it's being handled as well, Garcia's firing of now former head coach Mario Cristobal.

In the meantime, Davis continues getting paid from North Carolina and if he were to take said job at FIU, the Golden Panthers would then be on the hook for the UNC money. And as much as Garcia needs a new coach, we suspect he does not quite have the budget for that.


We would not be surprised in the least to see this happen. FIU is one of the few jobs left open on the carousel and there don't seem to be a lot of takers. Stay tuned campers, this story probably has more to go.

12/28 UPDATE: From Alex Marvez at Fox Sports...

The dispute centers on almost $1.8 million that Davis is owed from the settlement he signed upon his dismissal as UNC’s head coach in July 2011. The source said that UNC doesn’t want to pay the money if Davis accepts another coaching position, which is a stumbling block that also complicated his hiring earlier this year by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

FIU is set to sign Davis to a multiyear contract averaging roughly $500,000 a season, the source said.

Well, now we know...

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