Friday, December 28, 2012

U of L Being Sued By Ex-Football Player


A former University of Louisville football player has filed a lawsuit claiming he was asked to cover up an attack on him by two of his teammates.

Patrick Grant also charges that the school and the football coaching staff didn't live up to what Grant says he was promised by them after the attack occurred.

Grant asserts on October 24th, in the U of L locker room at Papa John's Stadium, Jacob and Isaac Geffrad attacked him. Grant was beaten so badly that the lawsuit states, according to WDRB-TV:

"...he (Grant) required immediate, urgent care and nearly lost his left eye, the bones around it being fractured."

"His injuries to his left eye area were severe. Several of the bones surrounding it were broken and he was internally bruised. In other words, Patrick had sustained a 'blowout fracture' caused by a blunt trauma to the head. These are generally caused from personal altercations. His eye was bulging too. His treating physician was required to probe around the eyeball without any anesthesia in order to determine the extent of Patrick's injuries."

Grant had reconstructive surgery and the Geffrads were charged with assault and kicked off the team.

Grant's lawsuit also claims that, on the way to the hospital, university trainers told him to lie and not divulge the true source of his injuries.

His scholarship was, apparently, revoked January 4th of this year. When Grant called head coach Charlie Strong, Grant alleges that Strong refused to address the issue and hung up the phone. Grant is now suing for breach of contract, and asking also for compensatory damages of an unknown amount because if his injuries.

Here's Grant on special teams when he was a player at U of L

More when we know more...

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