Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fall Out From Federal Hockey League Fight/Beer Chug

((HT: Puck Daddy))

The HQ showed you this non-fight/beer chug among friends from the FHL last week...
But, for those of you who have forgotten...
((HT: Tyler Puntureri))

Well, Puck Daddy has the reaction from the parties involved and the league fallout...

FHL Commish Don Kirnan responded: “Obviously the biggest problem was bringing alcohol on the ice,” he said. “If they would have just hugged each other at the end of the season … bringing the beer on the ice is what we’re upset about.”

Both Danbury's Matt Puntureri and Dayton's Jesse Felton were suspended for the rest of the season.

Sean FitzGerald of the National Post talked to Puntureri about it.

Puntureri said he smuggled the beer into the arena under his jacket. He said he was late to the bench before the third period, and skated out with one glove off his hand. He snuck a can of beer to the bench in that empty glove.

From there, he said he hid the beer near the equipment manager, out of sight. He said that a handful of players knew what was coming, but not the coaching staff. And when it was time, he said he snuck the beer into his hockey pants and skated out for his shift.

“Luckily, it didn’t fall, because that would have ruined the whole thing,” he said. “I could feel it sort of sliding down my leg. That was kind of why we had put an end to the joke.”

Sarak Kwak over at SI.com caught up with Puntureri and he thinks that he will be suspended for life from the FHL. But Puntureri's approach to the game follows his last quote in the article:

“I guess that’s my message to the world through all my antics,” he says. “It’s a message about being happy, having fun and not taking everything quite so seriously — just enjoying life.”

Looking at the incident, the HQ wouldn't have had an issue with the psych out and hug-it-out with a friend on the ice. But our larger issue is the introduction of the beer on the ice...

Literally, turning the Fed into a beer league...

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