Friday, April 11, 2014

Follow Up: Florida State Releases New Look (We reported this two weeks ago)

We first told you about this happening back on March 27th. We were one of the very first outlets to report that Florida State was about to do a major overhaul to their athletic team logos and jerseys.

A reminder RIGHT HERE

Sorry, we don't get to brag much.

Anyway, if you look at the video in that link, the release date says 4/11/14. Well, today is 4/11/14 and the new look has been revealed.

And the reviews thus far have been pretty darn good.

Take a look at the football helmets:

And the football jerseys:


The overhaul includes all the school's sports teams, but you'll have to go look those pictures up. The overahaul is courtesy of Nike, and both the school and the manufacturer are no doubt expecting a windfall in merchandise sales.

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