Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hoffner Wrongfully Terminated, Will Return To MN-Mankato

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In August of 2012, Todd Hoffner was escorted off the practice field at Minnesota-Mankato and placed under arrest for having child pornography images on his school-issued cell phone.

Three months later, a judge dismissed the charges saying the videos were nothing more than images of his children playing in their house after a bath.

That didn't change Mankato's mind. The school suspended Hoffner for 20 days and then reassigned him to a desk job before firing him in May of 2013. He had been hired as the coach at Minot State, but after an arbitration, he will return to Mankato to coach his old school and old team.

Minot understands Hoffner's decision:

Here's the latest on Hoffner returning to Mankato

Mankato, obviously, didn't say a lot with the arbitor's decision, but they did put out a statement:

"We extend our apologies to Mr. Hoffner and deeply regret the difficulties he and his family have experienced.
"It is our sincere hope that all concerned can now find ways to move forward."

Moving forward may include a civil response by Hoffner, but that isn't know at present...

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