Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ACC/SEC to WVU: No thanks

West Virginia Mountaineers
((ht: cbssports/mcmurphy))

Today's 1st update in the Galactic Realignment of College Sports: According to a report by CBSSports.com reporter Brett McMurphy (same guy who broke the Pitt and Syracuse to ACC story), West Virginia isn't going anywhere fast.

Said McMurphy in a tweet this morning "Multiple Big East Sources said they have been told by WVU officials that WVU rejected by ACC and SEC."

This is not a surprise (at least to us). West Virginia to the SEC made little sense. Yes, it was pushed by several writers, but we never thought it was a good fit. They don't have the infrastructure or the population base for the SEC in particular.

As for the ACC, we suspect they have better options too. There is now some rumbling that they may end up with some combination of Notre Dame, Rutgers and/or UConn. While all may not be as competitive as the Mountaineers in football, they all are in much, much larger TV markets and sadly, this is what the whole "Galactic Realignment" is all about.

Stay tuned to OSG Sports for more updates, because this...by no means is the last you'll hear on this subject.

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