Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Closing Time

Greetings from the soon to be new hometown which is in a week going to be the same hometown we lived in until 2009. (We'll explain another day).

We head to week 3 of our little poll and week 4 of the already interesting college football season. Things are quickly sorting out, though we fully expect it to change several times before we're done. Change happens, every year.

This weeks clip asks a question, we often still ponder...where is Donald Duck?

No big "Holy Crap" games this week and Galactic Realignment has slowed--for now, so we expect most of the teams that should win to win. The highlight of the past week easily: The long-overdue firing of Mike Locksley. However, we don't wish the New Mexico rebuilding job on anyone, it will take years, possibly a decade to recover from that disaster.

Totals so far: Last Week:  11-4 Not great   Overall:  23-6. Much greater. And no, we aren't smart enough to pick the spread, so we don't.

So, to quote our pal Kasey Kasem; "On with the countdown".

The Dirty Dozen:

1) LSU 4-0. Yes, they've earned this. Wins vs. Oregon and West Virginia will do that. And they are running the table with the backup QB. Can't wait to see these guys vs. Alabama. This Week: vs. Kentucky. Prediction: LSU 37, Kentucky 6

2) Oklahoma 3-0. Clearly, they will be in the chase all year. Win vs. FSU was huge. They struggled with Missouri however. Schedule sets up pretty well for them from here. This Week: vs. Ball St. Prediction: Oklahoma 41, Ball St. 17

3) Alabama 4-0. They haven't been pushed, yet. Typical Alabama team, not flashy and physical as all get out. Hearing there may be some trouble in their future off the field, but that is another story for another day. This Week: at Florida. Prediction: Florida 23, Alabama 21. UPSET!

4) Boise St. 3-0. Just laying in the weeds. Keep winning and let the rest sort itself out. No challenges left, though the defense has raised a couple of questions. This Week: vs. Nevada. Prediction: Boise St. 47, Nevada 23.

5. Stanford 3-0. Another team that just needs to take care of business. Only hurdle left is a date with Oregon in a few weeks. They should handle everyone else. This Week: vs. UCLA. Prediction: Stanford 34, UCLA 14

6) Oklahoma St. 4-0. Still don't know how they came back to win last week. They won't stay here. They are like every other Okie State team all flash and no "D" (sorry daffy). That will come back to haunt them. They may rack up 1500 yards this week against a team that gave up nearly 700 to Ga. Tech. This Week: vs. Kansas. Prediction: Oklahoma St. 112, Kansas 24

7) Nebraska 4-0. Well, someone in the Big 10 won't be undefeated after this week. If they survive this week, look for these guys to win their half of the 10. Yes, that's right. Their half. This Week: at Wisconsin. Prediction: Nebraska 23, Wisconsin 21

8) Wisconsin 4-0. Big week. And we'll stick with the belief they will fold under pressure. They always do. Good but not great, it's the Wisconsin way. This Week: See Above

9) Florida 4-0. Really. They've earned this. At least so far. They haven't been pushed. And this is their 1st of back-to-back big tests. They can win, but they are going to have to throw better because they aren't going to run against the good teams. This Week: vs. Alabama. Prediction: Nervously, see #3

10) Virginia Tech 4-0. We'll find out how good they are this week. They've beat the crap out of the crappy teams they've played. And that doesn't tell us a whole lot. This Week: vs. Clemson. Prediction: Va.Tech 31, Clemson 30 (Not confident of this pick)

11) South Carolina 4-0. Not sold here either. They stay in the dozen because Marcus Lattimore is a beast. If he goes down, they are screwed. This week: vs. Auburn. Prediction: S.Carolina 48, Auburn 47.

12) Baylor 3-0. Okay, yes, I know, they were whiny bitches for protesting the Texas A&M thing, but they've earned this. Why do I say this you ask? Because they have RG3, Robert Griffin the 3rd, who may be the best player/athlete in College Football. This Week: at Kansas St. Prediction: RG3 37, K-State 21

The Bottom of the Barrel:
5)UAB 0-3. Well, every team in Alabama can't be good. And these guys aren't. They are 100th or worse in three of the 4 major statistical categories. Need any more proof? This Week: at Troy. Prediction: Troy 41, UAB 21

4) Indiana 1-3. Normally we wouldn't put a one-loss team here...but HOW DO YOU LOSE TO NORTH TEXAS? You must really suck if that happens. There is no excuse...but they play in the highly overrated Big 10, so that explains some of it. This Week: vs. Penn St. Predictions: Joe Pa's 33, Indiana 17

3) Memphis 1-3. Yes, they have a win too, but it will be their only one. This is one of the country's worst football programs. And yet they are in a good area for talent? Is it the coaching? Perhaps. This Week: vs. Middle Tennessee. Prediction: MTSU 28, Memphis 14

2) Florida Atlantic 0-3. Who came up with this schedule? Starting with Florida, Michigan St. and Auburn? Really? We know you need money to pay for your new stadium, but surely the Schnellenberger isn't that he? This Week: at La. Lafayette. Prediction: La.Laff 31, FAU 17

1) New Mexico 0-4. Well, they get credit for getting rid of Locksley. But they still lost before that to Sam Houston St. and no D1 school should be losing to them. This is still for going on the 3rd straight year, the worst team in the NCAA. That isn't changing soon. This Week: vs. New Mexico St. Prediction: N.Mexico St. 41, New Mexico 31

Enjoy your Daffy:

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