Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big East To Have "Secret" Meeting, Who's In, Who's Out

Need another example of how bizarre conference realignment has gotten? The remaining football playing members of the Big East Conference have scheduled a "secret" meeting Tuesday night to see who wants in and who wants to get out.

Since Syracuse and Pittsburgh pursued the accepted invitations from the ACC last weekend, Big East commissioner John Marinatto wants answers from the gang of six.

Connecticut has been openly lobbying to become the 15th member of the ACC. UConn president Susan Herbst has been very public about that. Though president Herbst said UConn has not applied for ACC membership yet she acknowledged to ctpost.com that she grew up on ACC basketball from attending Duke University as an undergrad.

Notre Dame wants to keep its football independence however doesn't want to see the Big East go down in flames since it's a member of the conference in other sports.

Is Villanova eyeing a move to the ACC? One problem, the Wildcats football program is an FCS member.

Rutgers? They appear to look mighty attractive to the ACC. There have been rumors that Rutgers, along with Connecticut, were the next to bolt for the ACC.

Since the ACC and SEC appear not to want West Virginia will they now beg and plead their Big East colleagues to stay in the union?

Maybe the first order of business is the thank Texas A&M for accelerating what appears to be the demise of the Big East conference.

Maybe they will keep that a secret.

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