Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of The Barrel: Getting warmed up

And the world continues to sort out. It looks like "Galactic Realignment" is over--for now. The season is already sorting itself out and there are still plenty of teams with lots of questions.

With that in mind, let's take a look at who is moving up and who continues to suck in the wide, wonderful, adventure filled world of College Football.

But first, we get to meet the men on this mission:

Last Week: 12-2. We don't pick against the spread cause we ain't that smart.

So, as Kasey Kasem used to say "It's on with the Countdown":

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Oklahoma 2-0. Ironically, they are 0-2 when it comes to Galactic Realignment. (See previous story). Nice win vs. FSU. You get to stay here until you lose. This Week: vs. Missouri. Prediciton: Oklahoma 43, Mizzou 21

2) Boise St. 2-0. Yes, they are better than most of the SEC. And they aren't going to lose again. Deal with it. Alabama and LSU are the only SEC teams that could beat them. This Week: vs. Tulsa. Prediction: Boise St. 47, Tulsa 28

3)Alabama 3-0. They've been solid since deciding on a QB. The Penn St. win isn't as big as most think and they really haven't played anyone yet. Now they do. This Week: vs. Arkansas. Prediction: Alabama 23, Arkansas 21.

4)LSU 3-0. This may be one of the Mad Hatters best coaching jobs. They are really good, but won't win a title with Jarrett Lee at QB. Tougher tests are ahead. This Week: at West Virginia. Prediction: LSU 24, W.Va. 17

5) Stanford 3-0. You aren't going to beat a good team with a great QB in College Football. As long as Andrew Luck is upright, they win. This Week: Bye

6) Oklahoma St. 3-0. They aren't this good. But we'll put them here for continuity sake. The "D" is always the problem with the Fighting Gundy's and that hasn't changed. This Week: at Texas A&M. Prediction: Texas A&M 41, Okie St. 37--UPSET

7) Texas A&M 2-0. They will eventually get their freedom and head to the SEC. But that hasn't happened yet. The Big 12 should be happy they want to go, they are pretty darn good. This Week: vs. Okie State (See Above)

8) Wisconsin 3-0. Relax peeps. They won't be here at the end, they never are. But right now all the pollsters love them for beating up on "Little Sisters of the Poor". It's what they do in the Big 10. This Week: vs. South Dakota (really?). Prediction: Wisconsin 110, S.Dakota 12

9) Va. Tech 3-0. Are they ever not in this poll? They got off to a much better start, but really, they haven't played anyone other than E.Carolina either. This Week: at Marshall. Prediction: Va. Tech 35, Marshall 13

10) Nebraska 3-0. Still think this is your Big 10 champ, though they've struggled on defense a bit. They still have another week before getting serious. This Week: at Wyoming. Prediction: Nebraska 40, Wyoming 17

11) South Carolina 3-0. Begrudgingly. They may be the most successful bad defensive team in College Football. They get this because they have Marcus Lattimore, who is easily the best RB in College Football. This Week: vs. Vanderbilt. Prediction: SC 31, Vandy 28.

12) Florida 3-0. Because no 1 loss team should be here yet. And they've been pretty good. Charlie the Hut has been a godsend to the offense. This Week: at Kentucky. Prediction: UF 37, UK 17


5) North Texas 0-3. Another tough year to be Mean or Green. When you are near the bottom in every statistical category, this is where you end up. This Week: vs. Indiana. Prediction: Indiana 31, N.Texas 13.

4) Kent St. 0-3. You, you're not good. You are embarrassing people with the name Kent. Another team near the bottom in all categories. You've played 3 games, you should be able to do better. This Week: vs. S.Alabama. Prediction: S.Alabama 21, Kent St. 20

3) Akron 0-3. Well, they're not called the "Zips" for nothing. Lucky for them they are playing a 1-AA or whatever they call them team this week. It may not matter. This Week: vs. VMI. Prediction: VMI 3, Akron 2.

2) New Mexico 0-3. Mike Locksley= Worst coach ever. And yet he still is employed. We've run out of jokes since they've been here for the past 2-years. That won't change. This Week: vs. Sam Houston St. Prediction. Sam Houston St. 2, New Mexico 0

1) Memphis 1-2. Well, heck, they beat non-scholarship Austin Peay last week. Wow what an accomplishment. Somehow this school is on the realignment radar. Why? This Week: vs. SMU. Prediction: SMU 37, Memphis 3

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