Thursday, September 22, 2011

Report: Beebe to leave, Oklahoma to win

Dan Beebe

It looks like the University of Oklahoma is going to get at least one of its demands to stay in the Big 12 met.

The Kansas City Star reports that commissioner Dan Beebe is working out the details of his exit. The announcement is expected sometime Thursday.

This was all triggered a couple of days ago when Berry Trammel of in Oklahoma reported that OU president David Boren  had two conditions for them staying in the conference:

1) Dan Beebe had to go

2) There needed to be changes in the University of Texas's Longhorn Network. Included in that, balanced revenue sharing.

It looks like Oklahoma got their 1st victory.

The story from the Kansas City Star RIGHT HERE

Of course the question here is whether this will be enough to make everyone happy. It won't. But it is a start.

The Big 12 is supposed to meet today and discuss extending some invitations for some other schools to join them. Specifically, they are targeting Brigham Young. BYU would replace Texas A&M.

However the conference still has the specter of Missouri flirting with the SEC. And despite reports to the contrary, that is not a done deal right now.

If the conference can somehow convince Texas to share revenue equally and water down the Longhorn Network, then they will survive. As the saying goes "Rumors of there demise, may have been greatly exaggerated".

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