Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's official: Texas A&M to be SEC team in 2012


Well, that is finally settled and we all can take a deep breath now. Not that it wasn't a foregone conclusion or anything.

Surprising very few, the SEC's invitation to Texas A&M became official and according to reports today, was accepted.

The offer had come a Sept. 7th (seems like months ago) but was contingent on no legal action being taken by anyone in the Big 12, the conference A&M was spurning.

Baylor, Iowa State and Kansas wouldn't agree and threatened to sue. Today they decided not to. Of course, as you know, that comes after it looks like the Big 12 will stay together since the Pac 12 has spurned Texas and Oklahoma.

Confused? You should be

Read the whole story from RIGHT HERE

Keep in mind, Missouri is rumored to still be flirting with the SEC, though we don't think anything will come of that....for now.

So, what it means is the SEC will apparently have 13 teams in 2012...for now. The SEC will eventually grow to 14, if for no other reason to balance schedules, but there is no timetable on it.

So, for now, enjoy your SEC Texas A&M, you've stepped up to play with the big boys. Congratulations.

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